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Empower attendees to connect live or virtual using intuitive software powered by TurnoutNow AI.

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What is PeerConnect?

A single solution to matchmaking for attendees, buyers, sellers, exhibitors, sponsors, partners… really anyone. Some typical use cases include event networking, exhibitor marketing, hosted buyer, and always-on communities, whether a live or digital event. PeerConnect can also integrate into any technology platform, so there’s no second app download or separate website needed.

  • PeerConnect: The perfect engagement solution for attendees to connect live or virtual, focused on your brand’s content.

  • PeerConnect365: All of the amazing features in PeerConnect in an always-on, year round community that builds brand loyalty.

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The value PeerConnect brings to an event is satisfying the #1 reason why attendees participate in events, networking!

Peer to Peer

Powerful AI/ML matchmaking and networking.

1 : 1 and Group

Get to know and communicate with others using chat.

1 : 1 and Group
Video Calling

Connect on a different level with face-to-face video.


Whether a presentation or demon, share it.


Hyper targeted personalization, powered by AI.

Sponsors and

A digital marketers dream, so many lead opportunities.

Monetize with

Ad placements powered by AI for hyper targeting.


You get all the data you need to make critical decisions.

A smarter way for attendees to network around your brand

Live and virtual events may only be a few days, but the connections and content live on year round in PeerConnect.

– Cristina Sánchez, Global Events – Marketing


Matchmaking and networking are the first steps to engaging attendees in a virtuous cycle that keeps them coming back.


The event industries only matchmaking and networking solution that can integrate with any event technology platform.

  • Perfect for event specific applications to enable better networking, engagement, hosted buyer, you name it.

  • Sophisticated AI uses machine learning to find matches and break the ice so attendees can do what they do best, network!

  • Once connected, attendees can chat or video call, 1:1 or in groups, screen share, whichever is more comfortable for them.


Always-on communities provide an amazing opportunity to keep attendees engaged all year long, focused on your brand.

  • All of the features and benefits of PeerConnect plus the advantages of a year round community.

  • Allow users to continue conversations and find new matches well beyond the event dates.

  • Communities are an amazing lead source creating sponsor opportunities and revenue generation.

How it works?

From start to launch to always-on, the setup process is easy and completely white-gloved by our team of experienced event technologists.

Solving the event industry’s biggest problems

With over 23 years of experience in the events industry, our team of professionals have the knowledge and experience you can rely on. We’re here to help with your event networking needs.

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